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Phone and Computer wiring service in Los Angeles CA
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Commercial Services for Property Management firms
and Commercial properties.

Tools and Dependable Transportation

Owners and Management saves time and money as I will arrive on time for our set appointment

Professional Managers like that I carry Commercial Liability insurance.

The landlord is responsible for providing a working phone jack in every rental they rent.  Prudent building owners know that there is a big benefit to using a properly trained and responsible independent sub-contractor for little jobs.

Key Benefits

  •   I come at a convenient time
  •  Save on costs
  •  Save by getting the right parts and tools first time to the site.
    ( no extra handyman run to home depot while on your clock )
  •  Insured and safe.

Common items in need of repair can be found and solved in the first 30 to 45 min. on the job site.   A phone jack can go bad from normal wear and tear.   Frequently the cleaning of vacant units may dislodge a jack's connections.  Wires may have a fray somewhere and carpet cleaning or other movement may cause the wear point to short.



Call Mike - 310-210-9526

For telephone line repair services on the west side of Los Angeles
On Time. Fair Rates. Dependable Service.

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