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Tips from Top Notch Phone Jack Service

Phone companies Merge.  Phone companies change names .  Technical service departments are being outsourced out of country.  Repairs on the homeowners side of the DMARC (Demarcation point) or Minimum Point of Entry are exorbitant when made by phone company service personnel.   I can help you.

Phone Jack Repair


  • Under your home
    Old wiring systems and new DSL lines need to get along.

    Under your home may be an array of systems that can need attention.
    Is the DSL connection making noise on your house line?  Do you need help getting it all cleaned up?
    • Are you Okay with crawling under the house and tracing those wires?  I am.
    • Are you able to clean and reset each end into the connection.  Often in very tight spaces?  I am.
    • In the old photo above are are some of the ways your lines are connected...
      • Protectors
      • Jacks
      • DSL filter
      • old connection blocks
      • wire staples and clips


  • Punch Down Blocks.
    It takes the right tools to disconnect and reconnect wires to this type of connection.  Finding correct combinations is the lineman's special skill.  With my years of work on these I'll be quick and efficient at fixing your wiring on the punch down block.
    • People have attempted to use flat head screw drivers or needle nose pliers and have ruined the contacts.  This is a very common problem.
    • Sometimes shorts have been caused by twisted pins on the punch-down block.
    • Do you have the tools to punch down the wire and terminate the end?  I do.
      Please call a professional to make the connection if you have a punch-down block like above.
    • Please do not lose your cover if you have one. 
    • Keep ends labeled when possible.


  • New Computer Cabling
    Many new wiring needs arise when you upgrade your computer and networking systems.  I can install new Cat 5 computer wiring that is tidy and traceable so that all of your computer equipment is serviceable and functions well for the long haul.  This is a common service for many of my clients. 
    • Proper installation of the wiring and terminations is critical for network cable.
    • Some wire types are more susceptible  to electrical noise and causes data loss.
    • Wiring and ends must be tested for clear communications.  No lost data.  Dependable end connections.  I have the tools and experience to get it done right.


  • Home renovations

    Are you adding rooms?  Are your walls open?  Now is the time to get all that low voltage wire into the walls.
    •  Phone Wires
    • Computer Wires
    • Don't forget the Coax cable for your TV's and satellite dishes

There are many reasons for you to have need for a wiring man.  Keep my number in your Rolodex/Outlook/Contacts list for Phone Line Repairs and for any other low voltage electrical work. 

Thank you.   I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.


Call Mike - 310-210-9526

For telephone line repair services on the west side of Los Angeles
On Time. Fair Rates. Dependable Service.

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