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Phone and Computer wiring service in Los Angeles CA
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Phone Wiring
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I service the phone wiring from the "Point of Demarcation" to wherever you want your phone.

Michael at your service to fix your phones

You want the phone to work.  You want the phone to plug in in a new place.

I can get dial tone to where you need it.  Under the house or along the wall.  Your convenience it paramount.

Fully insured by a commercial liability insurance carrier as a low voltage technician.  Therefore you can be assured of my safety and your security.

phone jacks repaired

Telephone Jacks

Many reasons for the disconnect or short...
 - Did something jar it loose ?
 - Is the wire old and losing connections or shorting out?
 - Did the jack go bad after the plug was used for so many modem cables or having the phone jerked out of the clip connection.
 - Did a squirrel or other animal chew on the wire someplace?

Many more reasons to have a new phone jack installed in a new spot.  Remodeling, redecorating and rearranging most often.

DSL wiring

Cat 5 wires for new DSL to wherever you need your computer connection.

TV Connections

Coax cable and satellite dishes need wiring to make it neat and clean to your wall jacks.


Call Mike - 310-210-9526

For telephone line repair services on the west side of Los Angeles
On Time. Fair Rates. Dependable Service.

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